Other Films

A variety of work from promotional material to documentaries.



This is a really cool piece that was used as in intro video that played right before the band came out on stage to intro a worship band tour in Southern California. It was really awesome to collaborate with such talented people to create this piece.

I was the cinematographer and editor. This collaboration was  with a motion graphics designer, lighting crew, and composing artist to create the final piece. 


A lifestyle video that was created to play before the start of Sunday services at Harvest Christian Fellowship, and all of their satellite campuses. The video's goal was to capture and showcase the lifestyle on and off church campus with the various ministries and activities that the church engages in on a regular basis. This video encompasses the lifestyle and culture of Harvest. 

I was the producer, main cinematographer, and editor. This project was a collaboration with the creative director at Harvest Christian Fellowship, assistant cinematographer, motion graphics designer, and composing artist to create the final product. 

Nicole's Story: Short Film

A moving story about the life of a young woman restoring her faith in God. Nicole was lonely and struggled to find happiness in her life, turning to an attempted suicide. She finally found piece in her life after finding the saving grace of Jesus Christ at a Harvest Crusade in Southern California. 

I was the assistant cinematographer on this project in collaboration with Harvest Christian Fellowship's director and lead cinematographer, a voice artist, and composing artist. The roll of Nicole is played by herself. 


A promotional piece for the easter service at Harvest Christian Fellowship. Showcasing a vague reenactment of the life of Jesus with motion graphics and drone cinematography. 

Footage and graphic design provided by Harvest Christian Fellowship. Drone cinematography, editing, and motion graphics done by me. 

Baptism Social Media Piece

A short video explaining the importance of baptism through the words of those who made the choice to to be a new creation in Christ.

This piece was created to be shared on social media platforms.